Need a new diet?

Here is one of the latest diets receiving a lot of attention from the media. It’s called the The Lunch Box Diet .? I’ve stalled out on my project=weight loss, by the way, so? I’m definitely looking for a little motivation in this department.? Here is a complete copy […]

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Looks like we're on!

Due to the weather, it looked “iffy” for whether or not my parents were going to be able to come down for the boys’ concert, but it looks like we’re going to be expecting them and we are all going to go see the boys perform in style tonight.
Look back here for some pics and […]

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Do you like good deal?

I sure do. I’m always looking for new sites to scour for the Latest Deals. does the leg work for you scouring the internet for the hottest deals. They also have an interesting earning program where you can earn a percentage of sales generated from a widget you place on your […]

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Movies in my mind…

Have you heard of these?? I just need to mention them quickly, because my kids are listening to one right now.? We’ve had these for a few years and they continue to be one of my kids’ favorite things to do when the TV needs to be off, but they feel like “being […]

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Beautiful Barcelona

Any desire to see Spain? I have to admit, I have more than just a mild curiosity about seeing this region of the world. I would love it, actually. Barcelona Hotels have got to be some of the most beautiful in the world. With the […]

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Off and running today, that is for sure.? Gone all morning running errands, now playing catch up this aft and we are off to a band concert tonight for both boys.? How do I have time to blog, you might ask?? Well, gotta do something while I nurse the baby to sleep.

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