Mortgage Lender

Looking for ? ? mortgage lenders? ? ? This company may just do it for you. Quick, free rate quotes, home equity loans and home equity lines of credit, FHA mortgages, tools for figuring out your finances, even an easy online application.? Their rates […]

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Car Covers

It’s winter! Need a car cover ? These car covers are perfect for cars, SUVs, boats, RVs, or trucks that need extra protection from the elements. They even have “pet pads” that can shield your outdoor pet from harsh weather.
This company places customer satisfaction as its highest priority and […]

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Condo Hotels

This is an excellent resource for anyone planning a vacation. This site is an online portal for buying, selling, or renting investment property
When we travel, staying in ? Condo Hotels? ? is definitely our choice in accommodations. This website can be invaluable for anyone needing to market […]

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Daniel's Spaghetti Sauce

Daniel made spaghetti sauce for supper tonight and I thought I’d share what I know of his recipe.
Beef Stew Meat? -? brown with onions and green peppers, salt and pepper
Add tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, and little water, milk or cream, and a TON of garlic.? Stir and simmer.? Serve over pasta.? […]

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College Bound?

Anyone college bound or have kids college bound? We are going to be in this boat in about a year so this is kind of interesting to me. PGP College Education Sweepstakes is the name of the contest for winning some money for tuition. You can win $50,000 just by […]

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And now it's into the…

Honestly, we just can’t seem to catch our breath with weather this winter!? Now today we are supposed to have a couple more inches of snow, then we are going to have bitter cold again for the rest of the weekend.? If it really does what it says it’s going to […]

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