RC Car Tips and Tricks

RC stands for Remote Control and this site is full of RC Cars Tips and Tricks for people who enjoy playing with these electronic toys. I scrolled down a little bit and just from a quick glance, I saw several tips that made a lot of sense. Tips for dealing with the batteries […]

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I have to amend the snow amount that I posted earlier.? It was NOT 14 inches (as I believe I stated).? I was **20**!? Daniel just got paid for all of his shovelling yesterday and let’s just say that I think I’m in the wrong line of work…lol.
In other news, Ruthie lost […]

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Sit up and take notice of this!

I told Lora I would post a link to this site I found. You won’t get rich, but I’ve made $10 in the last two days. Not bad as far as that kind of income goes.

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Neat Gadgets!

How frustrating is it to go in and out of bald spots with your cell? I know I hate that! In this world we live in today, it is becoming increasingly important to stay connected or have the ability to be connected at all times. This site has just about any and […]

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We got about 14-15 inches of snow yesterday during what was essentially a blizzard for much of the day.? Looooooots of shovelling for my guys, that is for sure.? Daniel said it was up to his knees.? He is back out at the snow removal right now as I type.? He […]

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