You know it's the dead of winter in Wisconsin when…

…you don’t get excited about 6 inches of snow anymore.
…your shovel is wearing out.
…the kids aren’t into snowmen anymore.
…hot cocoa isn’t a treat anymore.
…you have begun pouring over your seed catalogs.
Yep – we in the Hatter Household are SICK OF WINTER!!!!

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How could it be Thursday already? Unreal how the weeks fly. School and ballet were cancelled yesterday due to the cold. So I didn’t poke my nose outside alllllllll day and it was lovely.
It’s off to the races again today, though. I need quite a few things from the store, too. […]

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Need more heat?

Who doesn’t at this time of year? I know in our older home, there are several spots that need an extra boost in heating power because our radiators just don’t reach everywhere. We use portable heaters in two rooms during the winter. What I would dearly love, though, is a fireplace. […]

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Pros and cons of a hard drive reformat

I’m back…didja miss me?
Monday mid-day my laptop starting FREAKING out – I got the dreaded blue screen and in the end had to reformat. I’m sad to lose all my emails, but other than that, I had been pretty diligent about saving everything I cared the most about on my external drive. So, […]

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Do you have a boat…

…that you don’t need or want anymore and don’t know what to do with it? This site is cool. They accept donations of boats and they use them by turning them into “hospital ships” to take medical attention and supplies to people in need around the world. They call them mercy ships. […]

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Do you get migraines? I don’t. Never had one and I hope I never do. I have known a few people who got frequent migraines and it just sounds miserable. Absolutely life disrupting. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to have to deal with something like that. […]

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Cabin Fever!

It’s Thursday! Yowza! This week has flown by…actually the whole month of January has for that matter. The cold is starting to make the kids a little stir crazy and they are bouncing off the walls.
Right now the little girls are in their tutus and they are dancing to a flute CD. […]

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Monday Monday

Brisk start to the week. I was up waaaaaaaaay too late last night but my brain woke me up at the same old time this morning. Getting up was quite rude though, and if I hadn’t already been awake that would definitely have woken me right up. It was another cold night. […]

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This one is a special treat. What could be better than a pretty something under your clothes that only YOU (and maybe your dear hubby) LOL knows is there. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten into ? bustiers? ? but there was plenty […]

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Get Spiffy!

Need automotive tools? I can’t think of a guy who doesn’t think he needs SOMETHING!? Everything you could need or want is here on this website, I’m sure. One thing that is really neat is the tool storage items they have. I love […]

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