Green is good!

How green are you? I confess I am not as green as I might be. It seems that when I have to choose between convenience and / or cost, these two usually trump making a green choice. I do feel good about it when I do go “greener” though. I […]

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Thursday ramblings…

…Looks to be a dreary day out there.? Yesterday we saw sun and it was so pretty.? Very bright and wintery out there, that is for sure!
Back to the drears today, though.? At least I think it is supposed to be quite warm today…in the 30s, I believe.? Maybe we can […]

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What could be worse than being involved in an accident? The after effects and lasting repercussions I’d imagine could be a nightmare. Injuries, loss, untold ramifications and results. Thank GOD we have never been in a situation even remotely like this. There are firms out there who specialize in helping people […]

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Tuesday and…more winter!

Yep – more “weather” coming.? Looks like little girls’ dance visitor’s night is up in the air if we do, indeed, get what they say we are supposed to get.? This will break their hearts. 🙁
Managed to get the co-op order and some things didn’t come in so it wasn’t as expensive as […]

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Student Loan?

I don’t know if anyone is in the market of a student loan, but here is an interesting site to take a look at. Financial aid can be an overwhelming and confusing prospect and finding a competitive private student loan may be undaunting. This site takes away a lot of the apprehension by […]

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Anyone who knows me, knows I love gadgets. I love office gadgets, kitchen gadgets, sewing gadgets, even computer gadgets.? I’ve never met a gadget I didn’t like. ? Here’s a site that speaks to me and maybe it would to you too: box cutters . Pretty […]

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Looking for…

…good hotel rates? It’s always a challenge to find good rates when you are travelling. I know we always take along our AAA books and look around quite a bit to find just what we want and need at the price we want. It can be quite a challenge, that’s for sure.
Here’s […]

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Another week gone…

…and to show for it I have????????
A messy house that I don’t even want to control because there are about 5 people whose full time jobs are to *undo* whatever I do.? Seriously…If I decide to clean up a mess in the playroom, at least 1 and probably 2 or 3 of them are […]

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Snowy Wednesday

Looooooooooots of snow out there!? Yikes.? I have no idea about school cancellations…guess I should hop over and check out the school website.
I foresee a day of snowy wet kids who don’t want to do their schoolwork!

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Time for new clothes?

I’ve been putting off buying anything new for myself since the Feast. There’s still this nagging 10 pounds that is hanging around that I haven’t quite gotten motivated to get rid of. I could LIVE at this weight, but I’d sure like to be just a LITTLE less, if you know what I […]

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