Student Loan?

I don’t know if anyone is in the market of a student loan, but here is an interesting site to take a look at. Financial aid can be an overwhelming and confusing prospect and finding a competitive private student loan may be undaunting. This site takes away a lot of the apprehension by […]

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Anyone who knows me, knows I love gadgets. I love office gadgets, kitchen gadgets, sewing gadgets, even computer gadgets.? I’ve never met a gadget I didn’t like. ? Here’s a site that speaks to me and maybe it would to you too: box cutters . Pretty […]

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Looking for…

…good hotel rates? It’s always a challenge to find good rates when you are travelling. I know we always take along our AAA books and look around quite a bit to find just what we want and need at the price we want. It can be quite a challenge, that’s for sure.
Here’s […]

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Another week gone…

…and to show for it I have????????
A messy house that I don’t even want to control because there are about 5 people whose full time jobs are to *undo* whatever I do.? Seriously…If I decide to clean up a mess in the playroom, at least 1 and probably 2 or 3 of them are […]

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