Need a bed?

We’re getting close to being in the market for a new mattress. Our current one is about 10 years old so it is probably getting up there in mattress years – LOL. I hate to think about buying a new one, though. They are so expensive. Also, getting our king sized […]

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21 years ago…

…I became a mother!? Wow – how surreal.? The world is so different now than it was then – it’s amazing what changes have occurred in only 20-some years.
How vividly I recall many details surrounding that whole day – definitely seems closer to me than 21 years.

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…WHY on earth does it have to snow…AGAIN?????? It seems like we’ve had storms every weekend for about a month!? Seriously getting old!? Right now it’s snowing and blowing outside the window and I have absolutely no hope of getting my shopping done today.? That means I’ll be going out tomorrow […]

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Time for a new…

These ?

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For Buddy…

Something neat came in the mail for Buddy today.? I got the chance to try out a new personalized dog tag and I had one made for my favorite Black Lab, Mr. Buddy himself.? It even matches his collar – a bright blue, which will look really nice with his glossy black coat.
The […]

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Another of my….

…favorite subjects! Jewelry!? ? Wholesale fashion jewelry? ? would be a great site to bookmark and send to your husband. I was only on the site for a few minutes, but they have some very lovely things and they seem to be reasonable and reputable.
Our anniversary is coming […]

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Lighting Needs?

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My fav subject!

Ahhhhh – a subject near and dear to my heart. Here is a site that I could spend some time drooling over. ? Capresso? is full of coffee equipment including espresso and cappucino makers, and everything that would go along with a purchase like this.
I was just looking at an espresso […]

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Makeup Mirrors

Wow – years ago when I was a teenager I had a make-up mirror. It sat on my desk and had lights on either side and I used that thing EVERY day – numerous times a day, actually. I was a teenager, afterall. LOL.
This site is all you need to look at […]

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Getting Cut

It has been a long time since I was consumed by body composition and my body fat percentage … thoigh I have spent a large percentage of my life worrying about such things. Most recently between Abby and Isaiah, as a matter of fact. It is a huge thing for many people, most […]

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