Mesothelioma cancer

Ugh – what an awful thing. This kind of cancer is the kind you get when you’ve been exposed to asbestos. How terrible! This clinic specializes in helping people diagnosed with Mesothelioma cancer though. I would imagine that if you were faced with such a thing, you would definitely want to […]

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These watches are beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous! If I could get Leonard to wear a watch (ugh) I’d definitely buy him one of these. These Vacheron Constantin watches are definitely worth a look! They range from simple to ornate and everything in between. Check them out! You can’t beat the […]

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Cash Advance

Things are tightening up everywhere nowadays, aren’t they? Even when you are careful with how you spend, sometimes it can be hard to make it from one pay check to the next. Cash advance can help in times that you just don’t have the money to stretch. Check out their site to […]

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UGH – What is it about hotel rooms and puking?

Sheesh!? This seems to be a very close repeat of our struggles last year while travelling.? Last year we had all of the little kids get sick with throwing up while we were on our way back from Tucson.? Well, this year we didn’t even last throughout the Feast before Sarah was […]

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