Being a grandmother…

I never thought I could easily say this, but becoming a grandmother has been such a source of joy for me. Watching Lora blossom and grow into her role as Ava’s mother has been amazing to see. Being close to Lora and being able to help her with advice and experience has been […]

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How can October be over?????

Wow – this has been really a beautiful October.? Temperatures have been absolutely LOVELY and we have been easing easily out of summer and into the colder weather.? The yuck is coming, we all know that…but this has been NICE.
I finished my quilt top yesterday.? I still have an applique border to […]

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We love pens!

As some of you may know, I have a little girl who has a THING for pens. I am firmly convinced that it is genetic as I have the same affinity, as does my Dad. I believe Lora also has leanings toward this direction. The short of it is that we hoard […]

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Happy Tuesday!

Good Morning!? Sun is shining and it looks like it is going to be a pleasant fall day.
Daniel had a Pep Band concert last night.? We left the littles at home with David and just Leonard, Sarah and I went.? It was an absolutely GREAT concert!? Very enjoyable…made more so by […]

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TV Lift?

I had no idea what a “TV Lift” was until this post. So, I learned something new again!
A TV Lift is a special thing that you have to buy to put under your plasma TV to lift it up for better viewing. Check out this site! There are many many different styles […]

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Life Insurance

Something no one likes to think about. But have you provided for your loved ones in the event that you are no longer here? Many of us have factors in our lives that might label us “high risk”. Here is a website to check out if you are shopping for […]

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Vegas Baby!

Ever been to Vegas? I haven’t. I’d imagine if you go you pretty much HAVE to check out Caesar’s Palace, tho.
From their website: This magnificent hotel is an exercise in superlatives. Everything about this majestic property is simply superb and opulent. Want to feel like royalty (and maybe even see some)? Come […]

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Concert Tickets

Looking for Van Halen concert tickets? If so, Ticket Solutions has just what you need. That’s right; Dave and the boys have reunited and are hitting the road for some circa 1984 style entertainment. Ticket Solutions has tickets for every event, including the entire North American Van Halen tour. Buy your Van Halen […]

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Hannah Montana!

Hannah Montana is coming to town! Tickets are available through Vivid Seats for every show on the Hannah Montana concert tour. The Hannah Montana concert tour is hitting cities all across the country. Whether you want to see Hannah Montana in your hometown or see the show when on vacation, Vivid Seats is here to […]

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Hi Everyone!

Greetings from HOME!? We made it home late Friday afternoon.? Spent the weekend getting unpacked and reorganized and hit the ground running yesterday morning with the regular school routine.? ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.? We’ll be glad we did next summer, tho.? Losing another week will really hurt then.? We’ll keep our little […]

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