HA!? Are you enjoying the little commercial interruption?
We are in the final Feast countdown.? Set to leave tomorrow night.? I’ll be bringing the laptop along, so maybe I’ll make a point to make a daily rundown of our Feast 2007.
Should be interesting!

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Office Furniture!

Office furniture is always a fun thing to shop for. Online shopping is where it’s at for me, too, these days.? ? Office furniture? ? is a great place to start and finish your shopping. Lots of styles and price ranges to choose from. Complete work centers, separate pieces, […]

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Golf Carts!

MUCH more than simply a golf vehicle – these little things can be a personal SUV! We are not golfers, but who cares! I know a few boys who would LOVE to tool around the neighborhood in their own little SUV. Actually, I know a few little girls who would, too! […]

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Steel Buildings!

Do you need a new building? Need something solid and sound to house your boat or camper against the elements? Check out steel buildings for all your building needs! I know that with a large family, we never seem to have enough storage – even with a two story “barn” garage. […]

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