Greetings from Tucson!

I can’t believe we have finished day #3 of the Feast 2007.? Tomorrow it will be half over.? As I write, Leonard and the big boys are off go-carting with a large teen group that went out this evening.? I have five little ones all sleeping about 10 feet away from me […]

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Fun Vacation idea!

We were in Tennessee exactly two years ago right about now. We had so-so accommodations, but I tell ya – if I had known about? ? Pigeon Forge vacation rentals? we would have been a whole lot happier, I’m sure. These look NICE! Absolutely a cool way to see this […]

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Silk Trees!

Silk Trees! A great no maintenance alternative for dark corners that need a little green or when you need a little “something” but don’t have the time to take care of a plant. Check out this site for a good look at some beautiful ? silk trees? .
I actually have one […]

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HA!? Are you enjoying the little commercial interruption?
We are in the final Feast countdown.? Set to leave tomorrow night.? I’ll be bringing the laptop along, so maybe I’ll make a point to make a daily rundown of our Feast 2007.
Should be interesting!

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Office Furniture!

Office furniture is always a fun thing to shop for. Online shopping is where it’s at for me, too, these days.? ? Office furniture? ? is a great place to start and finish your shopping. Lots of styles and price ranges to choose from. Complete work centers, separate pieces, […]

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Golf Carts!

MUCH more than simply a golf vehicle – these little things can be a personal SUV! We are not golfers, but who cares! I know a few boys who would LOVE to tool around the neighborhood in their own little SUV. Actually, I know a few little girls who would, too! […]

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Steel Buildings!

Do you need a new building? Need something solid and sound to house your boat or camper against the elements? Check out steel buildings for all your building needs! I know that with a large family, we never seem to have enough storage – even with a two story “barn” garage. […]

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Something New and Different…

It’s been years since I’ve been in Miami, but Miami real estate would be a good place to start looking for accommodations, were we to be down in that area again.
I’m sure the housing market has become quite difficult to navigate as the area has grown, and having some professional help making sense of the […]

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Cool contest

Lora just told me about this drawing. Visit Adventures in Babywearing
and Vincent Shoe Store is having a drawing for a $50 prize. Can’t hurt to try, right?

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