Ava came to see Grandma…

and we had a lovely time! She is just the sweetest, most easy going baby. Smiley, happy, laid back…let everyone hold her and love on her. Here are some pics. The first are of Isaiah and Ava in the double jogger as we were heading over to the pool for swimming lessons. Lora threw a pink blanket over Ava and part of it went onto Isaiah and he promptly removed the *pink* blanket from his legs…lol.

Then, the first pic of Lora and Ava I caught Lora’s reaction to an unexpected “explosion” from Miss Ava.

Sarah managed to put Ava to sleep while Lora ate lunch.

All the uncles held her (well, except for Uncle Isaiah) and all the aunties except I didn’t get any pics of Abby holding her.001.jpg002.jpg0031.jpg004.jpg005.jpg0061.jpg007.jpg0112.jpg0122.jpg0142.jpg0162.jpg0192.jpg022.jpg023.jpg

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