Happy Birthday Lil (erm…BIG) Guy!

Isaiah is ONE!

What a bittersweet day this is.

Such a sweetheart he is…full of spunk and sweetness all at the same time.? Loves music, loves to bop when he hears any tune, is often looking around to see how many people are watching and thinking he is cute, we have yet to find any food he won’t eat.? Right now he is LOVING strawberries…so he is having strawberry shortcake for his first birthday cake.

We went to the pool this afternoon, but he wasn’t up for swimming.? He sat on my lap and we watched Abby swim and then he fell asleep and took a powernap in the stroller.? I did get pics and will upload them in a bit.

Oh, BTW…Sarah got her glasses and is she ever as cute as a button!? She’s quite self-conscious about them but I think with just a little encouragement and a few affirming words she’s going to be fine.? She keeps exclaiming about what she can see now that she couldn’t before.

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