Fishing was a huge success!

After a slow start and a little discouragement, the fish finally started biting. We had five poles in the water and who do you think pulled in the first fish? None other than RUTHIE. She was absolutely thrilled. After throwing her little bluegill back in, Ru handed her pole off to Abby, who almost immediately pulled another little guy. Michael was next with the “magic pole” and he also got a bite almost right away. They were thoroughly convinced by now that both the chair AND the pole were magic. Sarah was next up. It took her a little longer, but she did manage to get a little nibbler. David edged his way into the vied-for chair. Unfortunately, neither big boy was able to land a fish. Michael went on to catch another fish independently and he also caught a crayfish. I wish I had had the camera ready to grab his expression when he realized what was on his hook. Grandpa carefully took the little guy off and was going to hand it to Michael for a camera pose, but Michael indignantly told us he had NO intention of holding his prize catch. Back in the water this little creature went, too.? I am so proud to report that by the end of the day Sarah was baiting HER OWN HOOK.? I never ever expected this.? Now that I think about it, Ru also dug in the worm can and got her own worm for Grandpa to bait as well.? Brave, brave girls!? I got some great shots. Here are a few LOs to start. I still have a few more I’m going to get to soon.gone-fishin.jpgsarah-fishing.jpgfishing-collage.jpgflying-baby.jpg

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