Whew! Time to catch up…

…I have the house to myself ATM so have a few minute to catch up here.? Life just keeps rolling by at a pace that feels too fast for me most of the time.? The kids are starting to gear up for summer.? Baseball practices have begun and the first games are coming up fast.? I need to sign the little ones (Michael and Ru) up for swimming lessons on Tuesday.? Leonard had the kids over at the park a couple of days ago and they came home super excited because the pool has been filled.? Abby still has a distaste for water in a lot of ways.? Last summer she never got in the big pool once, and I think she ventured into the baby pool with her *whole body* twice.? For the most part she was happy to flitter around at the edge of the pool playing.? Isaiah, OTOH, seems to be a little fish like all the rest of them.? Wonder what this summer will bring.? I would be perfectly happy sitting in the sun with a book and never touching the water.? Maybe Abby takes after me in yet another way…:)

We are fast approaching ANOTHER birthday.? My baby will be *one* in about 3 weeks.? This is a brain-bender for me.? In some ways this first year with him has seemed like the longest of all the kids…probably because of his “near-termness” and we seemed to be stuck in that intense newborn stage for about 5 months instead of 3.? That was hard.? But then at the? same time it has also flown and it’s always weird to look back and remember things around the birth, etc., and have a whole year have passed.? I looked at him last night and was struck by my very sad feelings about never having another tiny baby.? Most of the time I think I’m okay with that…but sometimes it jabs at me when I’m not expecting it.

We have a double holyday weekend this weekend.? Sabbath today and Pentecost tomorrow.? So…lots of downtime which is nice.? We’ll have one service today and two tomorrow.? I spent hours in the kitchen cooking yesterday.? Except for making pizza today and hamburgers tonight I shouldn’t really have to do much cooking between now and Tuesday.? Monday (Memorial Day) the boys are marching in the parade and we’ll go down to the Cemetary for the Remembrance Ceremonies.? Last year in the ceremony (me hugely pregnant, remember) they included a local soldier who had just returned from Iraq.? He is the grown son (in his early 20s) of a good friend of mine.? His words during the ceremony were so poignant and filled with such raw emotion…I was a blubbering mess sitting there.

So…after the parade and stuff we’ll probably cook out for lunch and then the plan is…hold on to your hats…FISHING!? Yep…the kiddoes are finally going to grab their rods and go try to catch THE BIG ONE.? Not sure where they’re going or who all is going along yet…should be exciting!

That pretty much brings us up to date on all the major points.? If you hung in there, I’m impressed!:)

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