Abby’s Eyes

It’s been awhile since I gave you an update on Abby’s eyes. After numerous doctor appointments, scheduling, and so forth; a date has finally been set for her eye surgery to correct her double-vision in one eye. She’s both nervous and excited for this, as am I! We had her pre-op appointment last week, which went well and now we’re just waiting for March 13th to arrive for her surgery! I have to say that I am pretty nervous about this, but at the same time I’m relieved that we’re finally doing something about this problem that has been bothering her (and me!) for years now. Luckily I don’t have to look into anything like a health insurance agency in north carolina to get this done!

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My Little Ballerina

I’m so proud of my little ballerina, otherwise known as Little Miss Rachel! This is her first year doing ballet class and she couldn’t be more excited to finally be going to dance class like the “big girls”. She’s definitely getting into ballet—every now and then I’ll come across her doing “arabesque” and first postion. It just amazes me that she remembers a lot of the different steps from ballet class even though she’s only 3!

Last week, her costume for the annual recital came in, and as you can imagine, she was beyond excited to try it on and model it both at dance class and at home for the family. She even told me that she was going to give her tutu a kiss. LOL. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for my little dancer!

Photo: Rachel in her first ballet costume

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24th Anniversary

I had a pleasant surprise for our 24th wedding anniversary, when hubby sprung the news on me last Saturday night that he wanted to take me to Madison and spend the night in a hotel for our anniversary….By.Ourselves.

I quickly finished writing a work article about a beyerdynamic, we packed our bags, left 17-year old Sarah in charge, and didn’t come back until late the next day.

I did receive one phone call from Sarah, informing me that there had been an “accident” involving Rachel “accidentally” killing the kids hamster, so we did have to make a quick stop at the pet store on the way home to pick up a new hamster for the kids. Never a dull moment!

I can’t even remember the last time we went out by ourselves, but I had a wonderful time ALONE with just my hubs.

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It seems crazy to think that we are well past the halfway point of the school year! We had a few *ahem* motivational issues in the beginning of the school year, but it seems that we’ve moved past that and everyone has gotten used to their schedule for this year. Soon enough I’ll have to start thinking about garden plans, swimming lessons, baseball practices….Is it strange of me to even be THINKING about summer when it’s only March 1st??

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Impending Arrival Of….Grandchild #7!

I can finally share!! Yep, Lora is pregnant with child number FOUR……Grandbaby number 7 is going to be joining this crazy family in September 2014 and we couldn’t be more excited! Now, instead of shopping for cool rogue electric bass, I’ll get to start browsing for BABY clothes! Can you tell that I absolutely love being a grandmother?? Someone’s gotta spoil these grandbabies! ;)

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Snow, Snow, And More Snow

How could it possibly be March, already??? If you were to look out my window right now, it would certainly not look as if spring is ANYWHERE near us, seeing how we got about another 4 inches of snow just this afternoon and we’ve had extremely cold temperatures all week. SIGH. It looks as if March is certainly coming in as a lion this year. I can only hope that it will go out as a lamb…

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4-H Members

So much has been going on around here lately, I do believe I neglected to share that I finally broke down and decided to sign the kids up to join our town’s local 4-H group! So far the experience has been nothing but positive—The kids couldn’t be more excited to get to do all sorts of fun projects, and I’m excited that they’re getting into a bunch of educational hobbies to keep them busier! I have no time for looking at real estate iphone apps anymore, but it’s worth it in my opinion!

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January Thaw

After nearly a week of extremely cold temperatures, we Wisconsin-ers are finally seeing a significant improvement in our weather! Today’s high was a whopping 30 DEGREES! Above zero! Last week, we were seriously seeing temperatures like 30 BELOW zero! So glad that the weather is finally cooperating—I promised the kids that I would take them with our 4-H group to Cascade Mountain to go tubing tomorrow!

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My Impala

I’m going on 4 years now owning my own Impala to run my errands around town in. Although we don’t have the best price is here for pumps, I like the way the car runs (the heated seats are pretty nice too ;) ) One thing I noticed though, that it was definitely NOT built for the extreme cold we’ve been having lately. To sum it up in a few words, it refused to start the other morning when it was 15 below zero. Now that we’re having a heat wave (15F!!) it’s back in business and I couldn’t be happier to have my car back!

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Bye, David!

Last Sunday, despite numerous flurries of mis-communication and misunderstandings throughout the day, I finally had to put my Marine-boy on an airplane to California.

As you can probably imagine, this past week hasn’t been the greatest week ever. I’ve been dragging through each day and downing coffee like no tomorrow. I know it’s getting better for me though, when I think that my boy is exactly where he wants to be. So sad, but so proud!

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